Experience sharing by a Ukrainian medical physicist

Olga Nosyk


I am Nosyk Olga, a medical physicist. I work in Central laboratory of radiation safety and medical exposure dosimetry at the Grigorev Institute for Medical Radiology and Oncology, Kharkov, Ukraine.   Now I am working remotely.

The situation in Ukraine because of war made me leave Ukraine with my son on 13 March. It took me one week from Kharkov (Ukraine) to Polish border with 4 transfers and ultimately I reached Krakow (Poland). My colleagues from Jenia Vassileva (IAEA Vienna) and  Ya. Pynda helped to get me to Vienna. I want to thank them for immensely.

Initially my friends booked the apartment in Venna for me and my son. Then I found the budget apartments in Vienna, school for my son and German course. I had many difficulties though.

I would like to get back to my native city Kharkov and work in my Institute, but currently it is not impossible.  I would like to participate in International scientific project on medical exposure dosimetry and would welcome any offers.

The IOMP has been helpful to Ukrainian physicists to the extent it can and we are thankful to IOMP.