The International Organisation for Medical Physics (IOMP) represents over 30,000 medical physicists worldwide and 90 adhering national member organisations plus 2 affiliate organisations.

The mission of IOMP is to advance medical physics practice worldwide by disseminating scientific and technical information, fostering the educational and professional development of medical physicists, and promoting the highest quality medical services for patients.


The IOMP was founded on the year 1963

Permanent Address:

Fairmount House, 230 Tadcaster Road, YORK YO24 1ES, United Kingdom


Individual Members
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Regional Organization
Affiliate Organizations


There are five membership categories:

  1. National Member Organization (NMO): In countries where more than one national organization wishes to join, the recognised national body shall be a national committee representing all members of such national medical physics organizations.

  2. Regional Organisations: Several national organizations, within a region may form a regional group.

  3. Corporate Member: Institutions or commercial firms supporting the objectives of the IOMP are eligible for corporate membership.

  4. Individual Member: All medical physicists of national organizations which are members of IOMP are individual members of IOMP. Exceptionally, membership by an individual, or a group of individuals, may be allowed when membership through an organization is impractical.

  5. Affiliate Member: An International or National Organisation, whose field of activity is within the scope of the IOMP and which seeks for closer cooperation.


The objectives of the International Organization for Medical Physics are:

  • To organize international cooperation in medical physics and to promote communication between the various branches of medical physics and allied subjects.
  • To contribute to the advancement of medical physics in all its aspects.
  • To advise on the formation of national organizations of medical physics in those countries which lack such organizations, and also the possible formation of national committees in those countries where there is more than one medical physics organization.

For these purposes it shall have the power:​

  • To set up bodies for specific purposes which will further the objectives of the organization.
  • To organize and/or sponsor international conferences, regional and other meetings or courses. The time interval between each World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering shall hereinafter in these Statutes and Bylaws be referred to as the period.
  • To collaborate or affiliate with other scientific organizations.
  • To develop any activity deemed helpful to the forwarding of its declared objectives.



  • IOMP Newsletter (bimonthly)
  • Bulletin: e-Medical Physics World (eMPW) (biannual)


  • Medical Physics International (MPI)

The following journals are recognised as official publications of IOMP

  • Physics in Medicine and Biology
  • Physiological Measurement
  • Medical Physics
  • Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
  • Medical Physics International
  • Physica Medica – European Journal of Medical Physics


  • Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering Series (Taylor and Francis/ CRC press)


  • IOMP School Webinars
  • IOMP-IAEA Webinars
  • IOMP-ALFIM Webinars
  • IOMP Accredidation


  • World Congress on Medical Physics and and Biomedical Engineering (in conjunction with IFMBE through IUPESM) (triennial)
  • International Conference on Medical Physics (triennial)