IDMP 2019 Message by the IDMP Coordinator

Dear Medical Physics Colleagues across the Globe,

It is my pleasure to announce to you the theme of this year to mark the celebrations of the
International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP 2019):

“It is a Medical Physics World”

Aside from being to commemorate the establishment of the IOMP e Newsletter (eMPW), this theme reflects the fact that many medical physicists (more than 25,000) around the globe are mostly united through their corresponding national societies (around 86) and regional organizations (6) under the umbrella of IOMP. This unification helps us as medical physicists to enhance our profession for the best interest of our communities and patients everywhere.

I wish all my colleagues around the World a Happy Medical Physics Day. Enjoy the celebrations of this day by preparing symposiums, parties, contests, gathering, rallies, or any other means to show our pride of being a Medical Physicist!

Ibrahim Duhaini, PhD, FIOMP, DIMPCB
IOMP Treasurer
IDMP Coordinator

IDMP 2019 Awardees
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NCI physicists celebrating IDMP 2019.
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AFOMP celebrates IDMP 2019
  IDMP Day 2019
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IDMP 2019 @ Italy
On the occasion of the International Day of  Medical Physics, the Italian Association of Medical Physics...
IDMP 2019 @ Ireland
In Dublin a Medical Physics Table Quiz in Doyle’s Pub Phibsboro starting at 7pm on the 7th of November...
IDMP 2019 @ Greece
The International Day of Medical Physics 2019 will be celebrated this year in Thessaloniki, North Greece...
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The Croatian Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics Society will traditionally, for the third time,...
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WHO Director general Dr Tedros supports IDMP
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IDMP 2019 @ India
AMPI is celebrating IDMP 2019 in AMPICON2019 at Kolkata.
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35 Years Medical Physics World - Special Issue
November 2019, Vol.35(10), No. 2 – 8.5 MB
IAEA Celebrates IDMP 2019
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IDMP 2019 @ Duke, USA
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IDMP 2019 @ Ghana
IDMP 2019 @ Mexico
The Medical Physics Division of the Mexican Physics Society and the Physics Institute of the National...
Message from the IDMP Coordinator Dr. Ibrahim Duhaini
It is my pleasure to announce to you the theme of this year to mark the celebrations of the International...
IAEA Message on IDMP 2019
IAEA official message for IDMP 2019.
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IDMP 2019
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IOMP is happy to announce IDMP 2019! It's a Medical Physics World!
IDMP 2019