ICTP celebrates IDMP 2019

The Students of the first year of the Master’s of Advanced Studies in Medical Physics, jointly organised by the ICTP and Trieste University, celebrate the 2019 International Day of Medical Physics  attending the exam of Brachytherapy of the courses of Professors Mauro  Carrara (Istituto Tumori, Milan) and Francesco Ziglio (Ospedale S. Chiara, Trento).  With this exam, they have almost completed the 26 courses and exams of the Programme and are ready to begin the second year of supervised clinical training in one of the 21 hospitals of the network.
In the image, from left top row:  Penabei Samafou (Chad), Ahmad Nawid Burhan (Afghanistan), Ashok Pokhrel (Nepal), Renato Padovani (ICTP), Shamirah Kirabo Nabankema (Uganda), Khady Sy (Senegal), Rosa Angelica Petit Sevilla (Venezuela), Lucia Arana Pena (Guatemala, Master’s graduate), Edith Natalia Villegas Garcia (Nicaragua), Otieno Kapis (Kenya);  bottom row from left: Mohammed Abujami (Palestine), Saba Muhammad Hussain (Pakistan), Rehema Ramadhan Mashaka (Tanzania), Suzie Radosic (Master’s Secretary).