Sharing experience

Elizaveta Kulich

I work at the Training and Research Center for Radiation Safety of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. I continued to stay in my native city Kyiv but left on March 04. It was possible to take my parents and my 1-year-old daughter from Ukraine. My husband initially stayed in Lviv then moved back to Kiev.

When I moved from Kyiv to Lviv, the journey took us three days. There were a lot of traffic jams and block posts, strongly limited amount of fuel. This trip takes not more than 8 hours for 600 km in a peaceful time. Then I decided to leave Ukraine and move to France. It took further 5 days for 2500 km in Europe.

To is difficult to think of those days as to how it was but being alive and able to narrate a part of it is in itself a blessing. Imagine that… in one moment, your life became an action movie. At night you sleep, and each morning, you need to decide where and how to go next. You have to decide who stays, and where to go.  You are constantly worrying every single hour. Your life is full of uncertainty, worry, confusion and terror.

Nevertheless, many people could withstand all this. Resources for work are strongly limited. For example, Ukrainian scientists continue their work in new locations, where one has only a a personal laptop. For a moment I am working online from a small town in the south of France. It is not normal work, I must say. Our family is living with a French family. Everybody asks me about our plans and what help we need, but I do not know precisely. We need to live somewhere but it is impossible to say for so long. I need official work, but nobody knows for which period of time. Therefore, I ask everybody first of all to remember that there is a war in Ukraine. The war in 21st century was started by Russia against a peaceful country. The war has still not stopped and is continuing. Please, support Ukraine in any way you can via donations, by helping our people, giving jobs etc. Do not be surprised after this if one day it happens to your country and begins to destroy your life.

Ukrainians are doing their best to keep what they have, to continue living in an awful war. We are grateful for all the people who helped, are helping and will help us and our country.

The situation in Ukraine gives us an understanding that the earth is very small. If something happens somewhere it will affect everyone. There are no local problems somewhere outside your country’s border. Consequences are common for the whole world. And this is especially true for one of the major problems of the coming years: keeping a safe environment and protecting our planet.

Maybe Enrico Fermi was right? Humanity has looked for signals from other civilizations from the early times. But the universe is keeping silent.  Maybe all intelligent civilizations cannot survive, because they are killed by themselves, unable to control their high technologies?