January 2019 AFOMP newsletter

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From the desk of editor

Dear Readers
“Greeting from the editorial board” I am happy to bring AFOMP Newsletter, let me wish you, your family and friends a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2019.
I was assigned the job of restarting the AFOMP newsletter as editor in December 2013 by Prof. Yimin Hu & Prof. Tae Suk Suh (President and Vice President of AFOMP in 2013). In last five years, I have tried my level best to improve the content and quality of the AFOMP newsletter with support of my departmental colleague Mukesh Jain and the AFOMP Ex Com especially Prof. Tae Suk Suh &
Prof. Yimin Hu. I am thankful to all the authors for providing informative articles for AFOMP newsletter since 2013 to mention few Prof. Slavik Tabakov, Colin Orton, Kitagawa, Tomas Kron, Raymond Wu, Madan Rehani, Saiful Huq, Gavin Cranmer, S.H. Pawar, Carmel Caruana, John Demilikis, SD Sharma, Franco Milano and so on.
Dear Friends, Medical Physics is very dynamic science and playing a big role in healthcare delivery system. To keep updated with the pace of the technological innovations; reading, communicating and participating in educational programmes is very essential for Medical Physicists. You need to be active in your field. I take this opportunity to request you to kindly keep giving
feedback so as to improve and make AFOMP more vibrant regional organization of IOMP.
As I have taken over as AFOMP president in November 2018, I would like to relinquish the job of editor AFOMP newsletter and appoint Dr. V. Subramani as new editor for AFOMP newsletter. I am sure you will continue to support Dr. Subramani and he will make the AFOMP newsletter much better and useful.

With best Wishes
Prof. Arun Chougule
Editor, AFOMP Newsletter
President AFOMP