IOMP President's Message

Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

Webinar participation certificate, WC2022, Women Subcommittee, IOMP elections, New Honorary members

Dear Colleagues,

We are closing the year 2021 with a still uncertain situation about the pandemic. It seems we are now settled with many having the full complement of duties in the hospital and being there in-person while some amongst us working remotely and have not visited the office for almost 20 months. Thus, it is not easy to draw a general picture of the whole profession.

Webinars have emerged as a useful modality of education and IOMP has actively utilized this modality. We want to award a certificate of participation and possibly a certificate for educational credit in 2022. This has been a long-standing demand of many participants. The TG is working out norms and procedures.

World Congress 2022 (WC2022) is now approaching and it has been decided that it will be a hybrid event. Please see the full article in this issue by Prof. James Goh, President, the International Union of Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine (IUPESM) in this issue. Women Sub-Committee of IOMP has been active and an article by the Chair, Magdalena Stoeva provides a list of activities. An article reviewing the IDMP activities provides a spectrum of events that were organized during IDMP 2021.

The call for an election for the 2022-2025 term for IOMP Officers and Chairs of Committees was released on 6th November and is available at>>>>. The current deadline is 5th December, unless extended. Please keep a watch on the IOMP website. Those interested may send nominations as per the requirements in the call.

IOMP decided to award Honorary membership to two distinguished non-medical physicists Dr. Donald Miller, USA who is a radiologist, and Dr. Noora Al Hammadi, Qatar (radiation oncologist). They will be awarded through a virtual ceremony in early 2022.

Season’s Greetings and very best wishes for a Happy Holiday season and a Very Happy New Year 2022.