Call for Nominations of Officers and Chairs of IOMP for the term of 2022-2025




The IOMP Council will elect the following Officers by means of a ballot (via email) to be held in January-February 2022. The new Officers will assume office at the end of the General Assembly to be held during the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering to be held in Singapore, on June 12 – 17, 2022.

Post Current Holder Eligible for Re-election/Remarks
President Madan Rehani No. President for 2018-2022.

He will be Past President.

Vice-President John Damilakis No. He will become President for 2022-2025. Nominations are invited for Vice-President.
Secretary-General Eva Bezak Yes. But nominations are invited.
Treasurer Ibrahim Duhaini Yes. But nominations are invited.
Chair, Education and Training Committee (ETC) Arun Chougule Yes. But nominations are invited.
Chair, Science Committee (SC) Geoffrey Ibbott No

Nominations are invited.

Chair, Professional Relations Committee (PRC) Yakov Pipman No

Nominations are invited.

Chair, Publications Committee (PC) Paolo Russo Yes

But nominations are invited.

Chair, Awards & Honours Committee (AHC) Simone Kodlulovich No

Nominations are invited.

Chair, Medical Physics World Board Magdalena Stoeva No

Nominations are invited.

Nominations are invited from national and regional organizations (NMOs and ROs, including individuals) for any one or all of the above posts unless indicated. Nominating organization /person should send following information to the Secretary-General by 5th December 2021 (noon GMT), using the nomination form below, together with

  1. Nomination Form on page 3 below
  2. Biographical details (maximum 4 pages) and
  3. A personal statement (maximum 2 pages) by the nominee.

In his/her personal statement, nominee should include plans and visions for the post he/she is contesting for.

For each position and for each nominee, a separate form is needed. If a nominee is contesting for more than one position, a separate form is needed for each position.

All nominees should be known internationally for their distinction in the field, for their organizing ability, and for their ability to serve as Officers or Chairs for their respective terms of office.

The President can hold office for one term only and is not eligible for immediate re-election as an Officer. The Vice-President, who is the President-Elect, holds office for one term before taking office as President.

The Nominating Committee (NC) will consider nominations. The purpose of the NC is not to inhibit the delegates’ choice of Officers and Chairs but to ensure that suitable nominations are made by the above or by the NC itself, that those nominated are willing to stand and, if there are too many nominations, to act as a preliminary filter.

Any question about the election procedure is to be sent to the Secretary-General ( or Vice-President ( as chair of the Nominating Committee.

Prof Eva Bezak

Secretary-General, IOMP

Invitation Nomination of Officers Chairs 2022-25