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07 11 2016 00:00

Nuclear Medicine Department in Royal Hospital conducted a symposium on 9/November/2016 to celebrate Fourth International Day of Medical Physics. The symposium includes two presentations about achievements of nuclear medicine department in Royal Hospital within 25 years ago and highlights the improvement of medical physics service in the department. The second lecture focus on radiation safety aspects in nuclear medicine, PET/CT and cyclotron. The lectures are followed by an exhibition that includes many sections like PET/CT, Cyclotron, General Nuclear Medicine, Decontamination Procedures and Civil
defense section which highlight the rule of civil defense regarding response in case of radiological accident in the country. The audience are from different sectors like staff from radiotherapy and radiology departments and non-radiation worker in Royal Hospital, medical physics student from Sultan Qaboos University, Radiologyresidents, staff from Ministry of Environment and Climate affairs, staff from radiation protection department in Ministry ofHealth,…..etc.