WHO Medical Devices June 2020, Newsletter

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Please find below information on related to COVID-19 technical documents, for your consideration.

Please note the COVID website has changed, many documents are being developed, so the new links are available



1. Clinical Management of patients, updated version

 https://www.who.int/publications/i/item/clinical-management-of-covid-19    ( 27 MAY)


2. Priority medical devices for COVID management  

WHO has developed several tools , which can be found at:


The List of  Priority Medical Devices for COVID,  describes the medical devices, the purpose and the settings where it can be used.



 3.   Emergency supply catalogue



4. COVID-19 essential Supplies forecasting tool



5. Medical equipment to treat COVID patients, including oxygen delivery systems


The WHO technical specifications for PSA Oxygen Plants publicly available at:



The imaging diagnostics role are here: 


4. For personal protective Equipment:


The use of masks is here:


Rational use of personal protective equipment for coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

This document summarizes WHO’s recommendations for the rational use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in health care and home care settings, as well as during the handling of cargo; it also assesses the current disruption of the global supply chain and considerations for decision making during severe shortages of PPE. This updated version includes a section on considerations for decision making processes and a summary of temporary measures in the context of severe PPE shortage.

–  Access the publication (6 April 2020)

Table of PPE with standards



5. For in vitro diagnostics

Laboratory testing guidance:



WHO Emergency Use Listing (EUL) for in vitro diagnostics.

Currently, the following IVDs are eligible for EUL submission:

·         Assays for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid; and

·         Rapid diagnostic tests for the detection of IgM/IgG to SARS-CoV-2

·         All information can be found:


The EUL procedure is developed to expedite the availability of IVDs needed in public health emergency situations.

It is intended to assist interested procurement agencies and Member States on the suitability for use of a specific IVD, based on a minimum set of available quality, safety, and performance data.


7. For SARI treatment centers

– Access the publication (28 March 2020)


8. For manufacturers:

WHO is conducting an high-level market and risk assessment for respiratory equipment. 

link to participate in the survey.


9. On Innovation

If you have Innovative product (approved for emergency use, or commercially available),  that might help COVID,  please  complete the WHO SURVEY at: https://extranet.who.int/dataform/396376 so that your product could be assessed for COVID-19 compendia

Questions to:  techinnovation@who.int, related past compendia of innovative technologies can be found at: https://www.who.int/medical_devices/innovation/en/

Other sites of interest for innovation, some will provide grants for development or :

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation information https://www.gatesfoundation.org/TheOptimist/coronavirus

Unitaid’s Executive Board today approved up to US$ 30 million for work against COVID-19, authorizing Unitaid to contribute its expertise in innovative treatment, diagnostics and respiratory triage tools to a global pandemic response.

Global innovations exchange https://covid19innovations.org/

Grand Challenges Canada https://www.grandchallenges.ca/

UN Innovation network https://www.uninnovation.network/

Innovation call Islamic Development Bank: https://www.isdb-engage.org/en/challenge/call-for-innovation-via-transform-fund-2020


10.  Very important country update data. Surveys

Biomedical equipment Inventory tool for COVID

In the context of COVID-19, availability of essential equipment to provide oxygen and respiratory therapy to all countries, especially those that may have limitations in accessing global markets, is of utmost importance.

WHO has developed a COVID-19 Biomedical Equipment Inventory Tool (survey) whose aim is to collect facility data on the availability of biomedical equipment (oxygen, accessories and consumables) and ventilators at the country level.

 These data can serve to inform planning and readiness, at facilities and in-country, as well as to inform WHO’s global COVID-19 Supply Chain System of existing capacity so that appropriate equipment gets sent to where it can be absorbed, and in an equitable manner.


Please contact COVID-MED-DEVICES@who.int for support in implementing the survey, including leveraging existing survey initiatives, as well as if you are willing to participate.

The COVID-19 Biomedical Equipment Inventory Tool can be found here below. Of note, WHO is in full support of initiatives already under way to this effect and encourages data sharing to HQ to ensure appropriate allocation.

·         WHO Biomedical Equipment Inventory Tool. Quick start guide pdf, 229kb

·         Biomedical Equipment for COVID-19 Case Management Interim guidance.
Inventory tool for facility readiness and equipment re-allocation. 06 May 2020 docx, 2.54Mb

·         PDF version (06 May 2020)pdf, 1.19Mb

·         20200506_WHO_2020_Covid19_BioEquip_open.xlsx xlsx, 105kb
The survey can be accessed through a web browser using the following link:
Username: biomedequipment
Password: facilityoxygen20

Please contact COVID-MED-DEVICES@who.int for support in implementing the survey, including leveraging existing survey initiatives, as well as if you are willing to participate.


Update of Global Atlas country data,



Update of the Global Atlas: The last version of the Global Atlas for medical devices was published in 2017, and the  update of information for the next printed version is planned for 2020.

We kindly request your help to bring-up-to-date the figures of each country. Each request for edition needs to be sent tomedicaldevices@who.int.


12. Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Treatment Centre

Practical manual to set up and manage a SARI treatment centre and a SARI screening

– Access the publication (28 March 2020)


13. Global accelerator to increase access to diagnostics, vaccines and treatment



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