Statement from the International Organization for Medical Physics on the Invasion of Ukraine

The International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP) represents over 27,000 medical physicists worldwide and 87 adhering national member organisations plus 2 affiliate organisations. The mission of the IOMP is to advance medical physics practice worldwide, which includes fostering the professional development of medical physicists. From this perspective, we have been following closely the events in Ukraine and the welfare of the Ukrainian people.
The IOMP deplores the aggressive behavior taken by Russia toward Ukraine that is causing great loss of life, disruption of services, and immense suffering. In addition, the invasion and its aftermath will continue to cause disruption of scientific work, clinical activities, and infrastructure in Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian medical physics colleagues and with their medical colleagues, patients, and trainees, who are undergoing unimaginable attacks on their democracy, freedoms, human rights, and personal safety.
We praise the large number of Russian colleagues who have voiced their sympathy for their Ukrainian counterparts and demanded an end to the aggression: see for example We further support all actions that promote universal human rights and freedoms (see for example and add our voices to the many calls for an end to these hostilities.