IOMP President's Message

Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

Completing my term as President IOMP, IMPW, read experience of Ukrainian colleagues

After a delay of one year because of the pandemic, we are approaching the end of this term of ExCom of IOMP and handover to the new team at the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Singapore on Tuesday, 14th June. I take this opportunity to thank profoundly all members of my ExCom team (John Damilakis, Eva Bezak, Slavik Tabakov, Ibrahim Duhaini, Geoffrey Ibbott, Arun Chougule, Paolo Russo, Yakov Pipman, Simone Renha, and Magdalena Stoeva). Virginia Tsapaki had to leave in Sept 2019 because of her joining IAEA and I wish to thank her while thanking Eva for stepping in to help us. I must say that I was lucky to have such a wonderful team and cannot acknowledge enough their cooperation and contribution. Many among them will continue in next term for three years (2022-2025) when I move to the role of Immediate Past-President in ExCom and John takes the reins of IOMP as the President. We have brilliant new additions also in the next term: Kwan Hoong Ng, Mahadevappa Mahesh, Chai Hong Yeong, and Francis Hasford. The new team was already announced in the last issue of the newsletter.

The International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) 2022 was celebrated on 9-13 May 2022. The record of activities and feedback can be found on IOMP website. The recordings of IOMP webinars during IMPW22 are available at>>>. I wish to thank all who organized and/or participated in IMPW2022.

During the webinars in recent months, it was pleasing to note the participation of our colleagues from Ukraine. I contacted some of them and asked if they would like to share their stories during the war. One of them mentioned how she used the ipad kindly given to her by her friend in Germany where she is staying to watch IOMP webinar. Some others have shared their stories and the blogs are available on page>>>.  Hearing from horse’s mouth is always good and their stories will be enriching.

Two articles, one by the past and current Presidents, Ukrainian Association of Medical Physics (UAMP)  and another by three radiation oncology physicists from Kyiv will provide useful reading.  The article in Lancet Oncology deals with Radiotherapy in conflict: Lessons from Ukraine.

Also, a radiologist who attended IOMP webinar in April 2022 and had attended some previously also, writes>>>>

I must thank most sincerely the contributions Magdalena Stoeva made for this Newsletter practically all through since its inception and at every stage and in every aspect. Chai Hong Yeong acted as the coordinator and her contribution has been noteworthy. She takes over the role of Magdalena now as Magdalena moves to Secretary-General, IOMP.

With this, I thank you all for your interest in IOMP Newsletter and this is the last issue with my message as the President.  Chao.