IOMP Brief for the IAEA meeting Feb 2016

On 8-10 February 2016 IOMP took part in the IAEA Consultancy meeting Radiation protection in dental uses of ionizing radiation, together with specialist representing the World Dental Federation, the International Association of Dento-Maxillofacial Radiology, and the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Paediatric Imaging. The meeting reviewed the draft training material developed for radiation protection in dental radiology and provided feedback for its further development. The specialists assessed the draft training material as an important resource and starting point in future training activities in the field. The specialists advised that the material could be further developed as a distant self-learning tool, which could be assessed by all dentists using X-ray equipment. The meeting also concluded that there is a need for a publication detailing justification and appropriateness of dental radiology imaging, optimisation of radiation protection and safety for patient and staff. IOMP invited the IAEA to present the training material at the 22nd International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP2016) in Bangkok, Thailand 9-12 December 2016.