Invitation to Submit Application for Hosting World Congress 2018

Dear Colleagues,

At this time the Congress Coordinating Committee invites interested countries to submit “Letter of Interest for Hosting the 2018 World Congress” and return it to the Prof. Barry Allen at 

The deadline for receipt of this letter is March 1st 2012.

Upon receipt of the letter of interest we will place your country on the list of applicants to host the 2018 World Congress. You may then submit an application with a complete proposal to organize the 2018 World Congress. The documents to complete submission of your application is appended below. Note that applications to host the Congress must represent both the biomedical engineering and the medical physics National Members from the host country. The deadline to submit a complete proposal is May 1st 2012.

The Committee eagerly awaits your letter of interest and stands prepared to assist you in preparing a proposal that clearly highlights the advantages and potential of your setting for the triennial Congress.

Barry J. Allen, Prof.
Past President, IOMP