IDMP 2018 in Morocco

The Moroccan Association for Medical Physics (MAMP/AMPM) is dedicated among other assignments to design and participate in any action that aim promoting medical physics in Morocco. The celebration of the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) is therefore a timely opportunity to exercise that role of promoting medical physics in our country. This year we have been celebrating the IDMP by organizing a scientific meeting during which many conferences and presentations were given in front of a large public including professionals from our field and other interested scientists. All the oral communications were devoted to showing how much medical physics contributed tangibly to the development of major activities associated with the use of ionizing radiations for either therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. We focused on the role medical physicists are playing in developing new radiotherapy techniques and the efforts that are deployed on a daily basis targeting to improve local control while lowering the radiation dose to healthy tissues for the benefit of cancer patients. This event was held on Saturday November 10, in Casablanca in order gather a maximum of attendees mainly from hospitals and universities. We previously took advantage of the 7 November day to talk about the IDMP and advertise about our scientific event and ultimately it did have great success.

S. Mouatassim, PhD

Head of AMPM

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