IAEA Technical Meeting on Radiation Exposure of Patients

The IAEA held a technical meeting 4-6 March 2019 on Cumulative radiation exposure of patients from recurrent radiological imaging procedures. The meeting discussed results available to date and deliberated on interpretation and recommended actions. It was observed that the number of patients with cumulative effective dose (CED) ≥100 mSv is much larger than previously known. Studies were presented in the meeting with data from 2.5 million patients who underwent imaging (mostly CT) procedures over periods of between 1 and 5-years in different hospitals. It was found that more than 1% patients had CED greater than 100 mSv. This being a relatively new observation, there is a need to do further work to fully understand the extent of recurrent exposures, the doses involved and whether any of these exposures could be avoided or further optimised.

The IAEA is launching a multi-national study to collect and analyse more data on this topic. The study is planned in 3 phases: Phases 1 and 2 include answering short online questionnaires from the following links:

Phase 1: https://forms.gle/D5BLVYhHRcbMsnmq5

Phase 2: https://forms.gle/PorzTkGm6z5P91J28

Thank you those who already answered these questionnaires. No need to answer again if you have already participated in Phase 1 and 2.

Those colleagues who express interest to continue with Phase 3, will receive further instructions and data collection forms.

We look forward to your participation. We will appreciate receiving answers to Phase 1 and 2 by 20th of April.

Please share this information with your colleagues from other hospitals who might be interested to participate.

Thank you very much and look forward to receiving your responses.


Ms Jenia VASSILEVA | Radiation Protection Specialist|

Radiation Protection of Patients Unit | Radiation Safety & Monitoring Section |

Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety | Department of Nuclear Safety & Security

International Atomic Energy Agency