EMP News Autumn 2021 Issue

EFOMP is delighted to announce the publication of the Autumn 2021 issue of its quarterly newsletter, European Medical Physics News! As ever, it includes a wealth of material covering a plethora of medical-physics related topics.

This issue contains the first articles of two new regular features, which we hope you will enjoy. In the first of an “Art and Science” series, Professor Jim Malone has contributed a piece on one of his favourite artworks (see also the cover image), while Danielle Dobbe has contributed the first article in our new Educational section, which she is curating.

The newsletter contains a number of regular features, including a medical physics book review, and an overview of recent Physica Medica papers by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief. Our ever-popular Medical Physicists’ Hobbies section contains an article about caving in Serbia and a piece on the subject of archery in Germany; never let it be said that Medical Physicists have boring hobbies!

The Autumn Newsletter features three articles covering “Medical Physics in Practice”, and you can also find two “Medical Physics Thesis” articles from recent PhD graduates, summarising their very interesting research projects.

Last, but definitely not least – articles from EFOMP Company Members are always appreciated by our readership, and in this issue you can find very informative articles from nine Company Members.

We hope you will enjoy reading this issue of European Medical Physics News! Please do feel free to pass on the link or the pdf to friends, colleagues and students who you think might be interested. And if you have an idea for a topic that you would like to see covered, or if you would like to contribute an article, just send us an email!

You can download the EMP News Autumn 2021 issue by following this link.