EJMP becomes official publication of IOMP

Physica Medica – European Journal of Medical Physics (EJMP), official organ of EFOMP, AIFM, SFPM, IAPM, CAMP, HAMP, has become official publication of the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP).

The Memorandum of Understanding among the Organization, the Federation and the Society has been just signed by IOMP, EFOMP and AIFM Presidents (Madan Rehani, Marco Brambilla and Michele Stasi, respectively).

EJMP thus joins the following international scientific journals as new IOMP offical publication: Medical Physics International (Official Journal of the IOMP), Physics in Medicine and Biology, Physiological Measurement, Medical Physics, Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics.

IOMP announces this important MoU which recognizes the increasing international scientific impact of EFOMP’s official scientific journal, EJMP.

IOMP acknowledges the efforts with EFOMP in promoting medical physics as a science and a profession at an international level.

Paolo Russo, Chair, IOMP Publications Committee