Egyptian Association for Medical Physics celebration on IDMP 2016

Egyptian Association for Medical Physicscelebration on IDMP

4th International Day of Medical Physics, November7, 2016

“Education in Medical Physics: the Key to Success”

Dear Colleagues,

This is to remind IOMP that the Egyptian Association for Medical Physics (EAMP) is pleased to inform, announce and invite the Egyptian medical physicists to celebrate, on November 7, 2016, the 4th International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP), Education in Medical Physics: The Key to Success.

An exhibition to highlight Egyptian Association for Medical Physics activities and arrangement an exhibition about the Role, Responsibilities and Relationshipsof Medical Physicists in Medicine. The exhibition was inaugurated by board members of EAMP and some senior consultants from different hospitals visited the exhibition and organize lectures opened to the general public, staffs from Egyptian Atomic Energy Agency EAEA, Egyptian Nuclear and Radiological Regulatory Authority ENRRA, Egyptian Health and Population Ministry, dean of NCI, Biophysics department – Faculty of Science – Cairo University, National Institute of Standards NIS, Biomedical Physics department, faculty of Science – Helwan University, Ain Shams and Al-Azhar Universities to raise awareness of our profession as an excellent opportunity to promote the role of medical physicists in the Egyptian medical scene.

It will be Held at medical educational training center, Nasser Institute hospital, Cairo, Egypt. The program of the Celebration includes talking and lectures by Dr. Ahmed Reda Shafei, president of EAMP, Prof. Nashaat Ahmed Deiab,general secretary of the EAMP, Dr. Kassem Abdel-Haleem, treasurer of the EAMP, Prof. Ehab Marouf Attalla, NCI & 57357 Hospital CCHE and Prof. Khaled M.El Shahat, Al -Azhar University Hospital.

All lectures, videos and photos will send to you as attached file.

With all best wishes


Nashaat Ahmed Deiab, B.Sc., Dipl., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Ass Prof. of Medical Physics

Secretary General of EAMP member of IOMP

National Coordinator of IAEA/WHO TLD in Egypt

Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Dept,

National Cancer Institute (NCI), Cairo University
Consultant of Medical Physics and RSO

Radiation Oncology Centers for Health Ministry

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