China celebrates IDMP 2021

China celebrates IDMP 2021

Chinese medical physicists organized in Changchun on November 7th of 2012, an academic activity of celebrating the 9th International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP 2021),
On November 7th 2021, an online academic activity of “ Celebrating the 9th International Day of Medical Physicsist: The future prospects of medical physics”, was held in Changchun Cancer Hospital in Changchun Jilin Province. Prof. Yimin Hu, former Chair of AFOMP, and CSMP, and the Visiting expert of the Chinese Training Center of Precision Radiotherapy Engineering Physics in Changchun Cancer Hospital, hold the online activity, shared the experiences off line with the medical physicists from Changchun Jilin Province Northeast China . Prof. Hu introduced briefly the development of international medical physics and setting the day of IDMP in 2013, and the latest progress in the field of precision radiotherapy in China. The current application of artificial intelligence will lead us to a new era of individualize-based precision radiotherapy that will bring a better results of the current cancer treatment. The symposium not only concentrated on the discussions of the newly developed technologies, but also answered the questions raised from online participants. The celebrating IDMP 2021 activity brought Chinese medical physicists , at the first time, more insights into its history, present and future of medical physics in China and around the world.
During IDMP dinner, the representatives of medical physicists held a small gathering to celebrate IDMP 2021. The representatives presented flowers and blessings to Prof. Hu for his pioneering work on medical physics in China, and Prof. Hu gave a gathering talk. The participants lit nine candles on the big cake marked “庆祝第九届物理师节日快乐” and shared the happy time together during the event.

Written by: Huidong Wang, Chief physicist of the N0.1 Affiliated Hospital, Jiling University, Changchun.