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Radiation Safety Culture in Medicine

Medical physicists have responsibility for patient protection as described in International Basic Safety Standards (BSS). Additionally, medical physicists may share responsibility for occupational protection, as described in BSS. A series of over exposures in last few years have brought the need for safety culture in use of ionizing radiation in medicine.

While medical physicists in large part of the world are involved in day-to-day strengthening of safety culture, IOMP’s role has been in:

  • revision of BSS and with its content on Safety Culture
  • review of Safety Guide of IAEA and as in training course on implementation of safety guide
  • organizing a session in World Congress on Medical Physics & BME, June 2015, Toronto on Implementation of BSS and Safety Culture in Medicine under the lead of Madan Rehani.

Further, IOMP along with IRPA and WHO jointly organized following workshops

1. First Regional Workshop on Radiation Protection Culture in Medicine held in Buenos Aires on 11th April 2015 for Latin American countries. IOMP was represented by Dr Simone Kudlulovic Renha represented IOMP. A brief abstract is availabe here.
2. Second Regional Workshop on Radiological Protection Culture in Medicine held at WHO Head quarter at Geneva on 30 Nov- 2 December 2015. Prof. Madan Rehani represented IOMP. Further information about joint project is available on WHO webpage.
3. 3rd Regional IRPA who IOMP Workshop on radiation safety Culture in healthcareRead more
4. 4th IRPA-IOMP-WHO Regional Workshop on RSCHC for Middle East countries Read more
5. 5th IRPA-IOMP-WHO Regional Workshop on Radiation Safety Culture in HealthcareRead more