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Library Programs

The IOMP/AAPM library program currently serves 43 developing nations through the maintenance of 75 active libraries.  There were two new libraries established in the past year. They are in Hefei, China, and Kyiv, Ukraine.  Another new library application is pending (Colombia).  All active libraries receive a free copy of the SRP quarterly journals.  For 2010, 93 members of the AAPM have donated their Medical Physics subscriptions to the library program.  The journals will be sent to the following countries:  Argentina, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, china, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Hungary, India, Iran, morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine.  We have also had a private donation of journals to Costa Rica with one pending for Colombia.

In spring 2010, all members in the active library list were contacted by email. For those without response, a second email was sent.  Approximately one-quarter of those queried have now responded.  Plans are ongoing to increase the visibility of the library program on the IOMP and AAPM websites so that information regarding “missing” libraries might be forthcoming and new libraries encouraged to form.

Finally, if you have appropriate textbooks (not just the newest edition), please consider donating them to this program. For information please contact  for Allan Wilkinson, PhD, Curator.

List of current library locations (75 Libraries in 43 Countries)

Algeria Algiers
Argentina Bariloche
Argentina Buenos Aires
Brazil Rio de Janiero
Brazil Sao Paulo
Brunei Berakas
Bulgeria Sofia
Cameron Dualo
China Beijing
China Guangzhou
China Shanghai
China Xian
Columbia Bogota
Costa Rica San Jose
Cyprus Nicosai
Dominican Santo Domingo
Ecuador Guayaquil
Ecuador Quito
Egypt Alexandria
Egypt Cairo
Estonia Tallinn
Georgia Tbilisi
Hungary Budapest
India Bangalore (2)
India Calcutta
India Cuttack
India Jaipur
India Ludhiana
India New Delhi
India Sriangar
India Vellore/Madras
Indonesia Bandung
Indonesia Jakarta
Iran Tehran
Jamaica Montego Bay
Kenya Nairobi
Lebanon Beirut
Mexico Mexico City
Morocco Rabat
Myanmar Yangon
Namibia Windhoek
Nepal Bharatpur
Nicaragua Managua
Nigeria Enewi
Nigeria Enugu
Pakistan Islamabad
Pakistan Lahore
Pakistan Mardan
Pakistan Peshawar
Peru Lima
Philippines Manila
Poland Poznan
Poland Warszawa
Poland Wroclaw
Russia Moscow
Sri Lanka Batticaloa
Sudan Khartoum
Tanzania Dar-Es-Salaam
Thailand Bangkok (2)
Thailand Chiang Mai
Trinidad Champs Fleurs
Tunisia Tunis
Turkey Ankara
Turkey Istanbul
Ukraine Kiev
Vietnam Dalat
Vietnam Hanoi
Zambia Mporoskoso
Zimbabwe Bulawayo
Zimbabwe Harare