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50 Medical physicists who have made an outstanding contribution

ICMP 2013 Poster Display of 50 Outstanding Medical Physicists during the Period 1963-2013

To mark the 50th Anniversary of the IOMP, national and regional medical physics organizations were invited to nominate medical physicists, and other closely related professionals, who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of medical physics and healthcare through research, clinical developments, education and training activities, service development,and to professional matters over the last 50 years. Whilst in most cases the contribution is of international importance, some of those selected have made such a significant contribution nationally or regionally that it was considered that they should be recognised.

Name Country
Allen, Barry J  Australia
Allisy-Roberts, Penelope  UK
Almeida, Carlos E de  Brazil
Almond, Peter R     USA
Attix, F Herbert  USA
Boddy, Keith  UK
Borrás, Caridad     Spain and USA
Brahme, Anders  Sweden
Cameron, John R  USA
Cunningham, John R (Jack)  Canada
Fenster, Aaron  Canada
Giger, Maryellen L  USA
Harder, Dietrich  Germany
Hendee, William R  USA
Hounsfield, Godfrey N  UK
Hu, Yimin  PR China
Kalender, Willi  Germany
 Kappas, Constantin  Greece
 Kawachi, Kiyomitsu  Japan
 Kostylev, Valeriy  Russia
 Krisanachinda, Anchali  Thailand
 Kron, Tomas  Australia
 Lanzl, Lawrence H  USA
 Laughlin, John S  USA
 Lauterbur, Paul C  USA
 Ling, C Clifton  USA
 Mallard, John  UK
 Malone, Jim  Ireland
 Mansfield, Peter  UK
 Mattsson, Sören     Sweden
 Mistretta, Charles A  USA
 Ng, Kwan-Hoong  Malaysia
 Nüsslin, Fridtjof  Germany
 Orton, Colin G     USA
 Perez-Calatuyud, Jose  Spain
 Podgorsak, Ervin B  Canada
 Pradhan, Ambika Sahai  India
 Rehani, Madan M  Austria and India
 Rogers, David W O  Canada
 Rosenwald, Jean-Claude  France
 Schlegel, Wolfgang  Germany
 Suh, Tae Suk  Korea
 Svensson, Hans  Sweden
 Tanaka, Eiichi  Japan
 Thwaites, David  Australia
 Tosi, Giampiero     Italy
 Townsend, David W  USA and Singapore
 Van Dyk, Jacob (Jake)  Canada
 Webb, Steve  UK
 Wells, Peter  UK

The following documents are available :

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