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3rd Regional IRPA who IOMP Workshop on radiation safety Culture in healthcare

A Focus on Paediatric Radiology
Establishing a sustainable Safety Culture program in Medicine
In cooperation with the South African Society of Paediatric Imaging
Spier Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa,
3 November 2016

The 3rd Regional Workshop on RSCHC was structured around a number of invited plenary presentations, followed by facilitated breakout sessions in small groups. Each group will examine topical issues in greater details, particularly focusing on the following topics:
- Key elements of a radiation safety culture in paediatric imaging
- A strong radiation safety culture in paediatric radiology
- How to engage parents in RSCM improvement?
- Improving RSCM in Africa: SWOT analysis
- Tools and indicators for assessing RP culture in QA program in medicine