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Science Committee Membership 2022-2025

  1. M. Mahesh, USA – Chair
  2. Csilla Pesznyak, Hungary
  3. Ioannis Sechopoulus, The Netherlands
  4. Izabella Barreto, USA
  5. Kitiwat Khamwan, Thailand
  6. Luis Agulles Pedros, Columbia
  7. Magdalena Bazalova-Carter, Canada
  8. Mary Joan, India
  9. Niko Papanikolaou, USA
  10. Rabih Hammoud, Qatar
  11. Renalto Dimestein, Brazil
  12. Robert Jeraj, USA
  13. Zoe Brady, Australia

Science Committee Membership 2018-2021

  1. Geoffrey Ibbott, USA – Chair
  2. Abdalla Al-Haj, Saudi Arabia
  3. Facundo Ballester, Spain
  4. Sha Chang, USA
  5. Lawrence Dauer, USA
  6. XiaoWu Deng, China
  7. Benedick Fraass, USA
  8. Reinhard Loose, Germany
  9. Mahadevappa Mahesh, USA
  10. Malcolm McEwen, Canada
  11. Hossein Mozdarani, Iran
  12. Wilbroad E. Muhogora, Tanzania
  13. Hugo Palmans, United Kingdom
  14. Mark Rivard, USA
  15. Maria Elisa Rostelato, Brazil
  16. Ferid Shannoun, Austria
  17. Vellaiyan Subramani, India
  18. Yoshiharu Yonekura, Japan

Science Committee Membership 2015-2018

  1. Geoffrey Ibbott , Chair, USA
  2. Facundo Ballester, Spain/EFOMP
  3. Sha Chang, USA
  4. Lawrence Dauer, USA
  5. XiaoWu Deng, China
  6. Benedick Fraass, USA
  7. George Kagadis, Greece/EFOMP
  8. Reinhard Loose, Germany/EFOMP
  9. Malcolm McEwen, Canada
  10. Hossein Mozdarani, Iran/MEFOMP
  11. Wilbroad E. Muhogora, Tanzania/FAMPO
  12. Hugo Palmans, United Kingdom
  13. Mark Rivard, USA
  14. Maria Elisa Rostelato, Brazil/ALFIM
  15. Ferid Shannoun, Austria
  16. Yoshiharu Yonekura, Japan
  17. Vellaiyan Subramani, India

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Science Committee Terms of Reference

[list type=unordered extra=]
[list_item]To improve medical physics worldwide by disseminating systematized knowledge derived from observation, study and experimentation.[/list_item]
[list_item]To promote research to determine the nature or principles of physics in medicine and put such information in a useful form for all countries but especially for developing countries.[/list_item]
[list_item]To explore frontier areas in physics and biology and their impact on the principles of physics in medicine, emphasizing research within academic physics, in order to promote international cooperation in addressing the science needs of medical physics including participation in the scientific programs of national organizations.[/list_item]
[list_item]To identify the need for international scientific symposia, research meetings, regional meetings and/or research workshops and assist with the organization, funding and arrangements of these ventures.[/list_item]
[list_item]To consider applications from national and regional organisations for sponsoring or endorsing meetings. Applications to be considered in accordance with the document ‘IOMP policy on Scientific, Educational and Professional Meetings’.[/list_item]
[list_item]To work on any and all alternative mechanisms that will promote international cooperation in addressing the science needs of medical physics, including participation in the scientific programs of other organizations.[/list_item]
[list_item]To foster scientific publications in IOMP official journals, whenever appropriate.[/list_item]
[list_item]To consider requests for review, comment or endorsement of documents in accordance with the policy and procedure document ‘Documents Submitted to IOMP by External Organisations for Review, Comment or Endorsement’.[/list_item]
The above have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in September 2009.