Rules Committee Membership Membership 2018-2021

  1. Prof. John Damilakis, Vice-President, Chair
  2. Prof. Madan Rehani, President, Co-Chair
  3. Prof. Eva Bezak, SG, Co-Chair

Rules Committee Membership Membership 2015-2018

  1. Prof. Madan Rehani, Vice-President, Chair
  2. Dr. Slavik Tabakov, President, Co-Chair
  3. Dr. Virginia Tsapaki, SG, Co-Chair
  4. Dr. Kin Y Cheung, Past President, Member
  • To regularly review the Statutes, Bylaws and relevant policies and procedures of the IOMP and to make recommendations for changes to meet the good governance, organisational and administrative requirements of the organisation.
  • To advise on any matter referred to it by ExCom or Council.

The above have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in September 2009.