Report of IOMP Council Meeting - 1st June 2021

Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

Eva Bezak, PhD
Secretary General, IOMP

The virtual meeting of the IOMP Council was held on 1st June 2021 at 12 noon GMT for almost 3 hours. We thought it appropriate to hold this meeting almost at the same time when it would have been held if the World Congress was held in Singapore in the absence of pandemic. The meeting was well attended with 73 participants from 39 countries. There were presentations by all officials of IOMP (President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, immediate Past-President and all Chairs of Committees and sub-committees). In addition, all the regional organizations (EFOMP, AFOMP, SEAFOMP, FAMPO, MEFOMP, ALFIM) and AAPM/COMP and Regional Coordination Board (RCB) made presentations. Other business included removal of the National Member Organization (NMO) status for the Association of Medical Physicists of Georgia that will facilitate processing of the case of a new organization in Georgia for NMO of IOMP. It was also affirmed that IOMP is in the process of allowing all NMOs to participate in providing nominations for IDMP award for 2021 and is deliberating solutions for 2022 and thereafter.

The some of the main new activities in this term included: creation of strategic plan for the term 2018-2021, start of the IOMP newsletter with outreach to grassroots and resulting in more than 50 times increase in subscription in last 2 years, establishment of International Medical Physics Week (IMPW), webinar series of IOMP, signing of MoU with ICRP and ISR, IOMP framework for accreditation of events for continuing professional development (CPD) and cooperation with radiology societies.

The continuation of activities included IDMP, all publications of IOMP, work of all committees and sub-committees as highlighted in respective reports. Full reports of each committee are going to be available in June 2021 issue of eMPW.