1. Eva Bezak (IOMP Vice President) – Chair
  2. John Damilakis (IOMP President) – Vice Chair
  3. Magdalena Stoeva (IOMP Secretary General)
  4. Madan Rehani (IOMP Past President)
  5. Members: Regional representatives
  1. John Damilakis (IOMP Vice President) – Chair
  2. Madan Rehani (IOMP President) – Vice Chair
  3. Eva Bezak (IOMP Secretary General)
  4. Slavik Tabakov (IOMP Past President)
  5. Members: Regional representatives
  1. Madan Rehani (IOMP Vice President) – Chair
  2. Slavik Tabakov (IOMP President) – Vice Chair
  3. Virginia Tsapaki (IOMP Secretary General)


Election of Officers and Chairs

  • The purpose of the NC is not to inhibit the Council’s choice of Officers but to oversee the process and provide guidance. Also to ensure that suitable nominations are made by individuals or national bodies or by the NC itself, that those nominated are willing to stand and, if too many nominations should be made, to act as a preliminary filter.
  • The NC to considers the all posts to be filled and may make nominations for some or all the posts (including those posts where the existing post holder is eligible for re-election) prior to the general invitation to national and regional organisations being sent out.
  • In making nominations of chairs the NC must consult with the current chairs.
  • After the closing date for nominations the NC may make additional nominations or co-nominate nominations received.
  • When considering nominations and when guiding Council the NC must take into account the following:
    • the desirability of a regional balance
    • the desirability of chairs having served as a member of the Committee to which they are being appointed as chair.
  • as well as the individual merits of the nominees. All nominees should be known internationally for their distinction in the field, for their organizing ability, and for their ability to serve as Officers or chairs their respective terms of office.

IUPESM Council

  • The role of the NC is to oversee the IOMP aspects of the IUPESM procedure for electing the At-Large Ordinary Members of the IUPESM Council. All procedures and nominations are to be made in accordance with the Bylaws of the IUPESM. Nominations are to be invited from national and regional bodies.
  • The Committee may make nominations either prior to or after nominations have been received from national or regional organizations. It may also co-nominate any nomination received. If no nominations are made by the national or regional organisations then the NC shall make the required number of nominations.

The above TORs have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in May 2022.