Magdalena Stoeva, PhD, FIOMP, FIUPESM

Even as a child I knew I would become an engineer, and I did – an engineer in computer science. Medical Physics came at a later stage when I realized the numerous of applications of computer engineering in various aspects of life. One does not need to be directly involved with their primary major. On the contrary, try to build up, find less developed areas and give your contribution there, learn from everyone and everything you meet on your way.

Combining knowledge and experience from different sources into practice is the key to success. We are far from the great encyclopedists of the Renaissance like Leonardo da Vinci, but we should also stay away from the limitations a single branch of science (or a single profession) brings. As the amount of scientific knowledge grows, we gain access to more resources, new ways of collaboration and advanced thinking that help us develop in interdisciplinary environments in ways that have never existed in the past.

IOMP is the best example in this direction of thinking. The organization grew up with its members – from covering their basic requests related to daily routines, access to equipment, educational resources and professional recognition to turning into globally recognized professional leader working in partnership with some of the world’s leading organizations. Times of crisis are times of opportunities. The global pandemic pulled the worst and the best out of our society. IOMP successfully adopted new technology and alternative ways to reach out to its members, immensely increasing it visibility and to help us all gain new skills and knowledge. Leadership and workplace balance, professional recognition, regional development, all turned into key aspects of our professional society.

Medical Physics is far beyond an ordinary profession. It is interdisciplinary, active, challenging, and demands an open mind and dedication.

I have been a member of the IOMP Executive Committee for two consecutive terms serving as a chair of the IOMP Medical Physics World Board, an editor-in-chief of Medical Physics World (MPW), a member of the IOMP Publications Committee, Web Subcommittee, Women Subcommittee, and taking additional responsibilities related to the technical support and promotion of the IOMP Webinars series; the dissemination of IOMP Newsletter; IOMP webmaster. I have worked close with the IOMP officers, chairs, regional organizations, partner organizations and the industry to achieve and maintain the highest level of visibility of our profession.

Being part of the IOMP leadership team has always been a privilege, but this is especially true nowadays when IOMP is about to turn from “The Organization” into “My Organization” for all of us medical physicists and specialists from related disciplines worldwide.