IOMP School on IMPW 2020 – Program


Dear Colleagues,

IOMP has decided to launch the ‘International Medical Physics Week’ (IMPW) to motivate organization of medical physics activities in a defined week each year (mid-month week of May). Although 2020 has been a challenging year given the unprecedented health crisis due to COVID-19 outbreak, it is also a period of opportunities for innovative education. Webinars allow us to keep abreast of newly developed techniques and skills across all fields of medical physics and offer a framework for sharing teaching material and experiences.

The ‘IOMP School’ was established in 2016 and its mission is to extend and coordinate teaching activities globally. The first ‘IOMP School’ courses were organized at the International Conference of Medical Physics in Bangkok (2016). Since then, several ‘IOMP Schools’ have been organized in connection with major medical physics Conferences and Congresses. The ‘IOMP School’ organizes this year a series of webinars to celebrate the IMPW and connect experts with learners ensuring continuity in education and training activities. I would like to encourage you to participate in the program and benefit from the expertise of internationally renowned speakers.

With my best wishes,

Prof. John Damilakis

Vice President, IOMP

IMPW Webinars organizer


Dear Medical Physics Colleagues,

I am delighted to see enthusiasm of many colleagues across the world in doing their best to enhance the contribution and importance of medical physics among medical professionals and among public. We always have uphill task when it comes to creation of awareness of our role among public. It is this need that made IOMP establish International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) earlier in 2013 and now International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) in 2020.

We are conscious that current environment created by COVID-19 makes physical meetings impossible and media is fully dedicated to COVID-19 issues, but that allows creativity and use of electronic media to achieve the purpose of promotion of the subject. I welcome your actions. On our part, we decided to keep to interaction with professional colleagues for this year IMPW and organize webinars during the IMPW2020 (11-15 May). I encourage your participation. Best wishes for success in your organization of events during IMPW and I look forward to your participation in IOMP webinars organized by Prof. John Damilakis, Vice President, IOMP.


Stay safe

Madan M. Rehani,

President, IOMP (2018-2021)

IOMP School IMPW 2020 Webinars Program

Date: Monday, May 11

Time: 14:00-15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna)

Message from the IOMP President: Madan Rehani

Presentation title: CT scan parameters and radiation dose

Speaker: Mahadevappa Mahesh

Moderator: John Damilakis



Date: Tuesday, May 12

Time: 14:00-15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna)

Presentation title: Monte Carlo simulation of dosimetry problems in proton therapy

Speaker: Lorenzo Brualla

Moderator: E. Bezak

Date: Wednesday, May 13

Time: 14:00-15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna)

Presentation title: A comprehensive approach to the management of radiotherapy patients with implanted cardiac devices

Speaker: D. Mihailidis

Moderator: A. Chougule


Date: Thursday, May 14

Time: 14:00-15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna)

Presentation title: Smaller! Faster! More! Advanced X-Ray Breast Imaging and its Role Beyond Cancer Diagnosis

Speaker: I. Sechopoulos

Moderator: M. Stoeva

Date: Friday, May 15

Time: 14:00-15:00 Central European Time (Amsterdam, Rome, Vienna)

Presentation title: Radionuclide therapy patients in public: The original social distancing

Speaker: N. Forwood

Moderator: I. Duhaini

Technical support, promotion, recording: Prof. M. Stoeva