IOMP President’s Message

John Damilakis, PhD
President, IOMP

IDMP 2024 poster, ICMP 2026-2027, Hybrid events on radio-resistance

Dear Colleagues,

I am very happy to welcome you to another edition of our bimonthly newsletter through which we share our thoughts, achievements, and challenges within the global medical physics community. These regular updates help us share key developments and achievements in medical physics. They also play a vital role in bringing us together to collaborate and engage with one another. Each issue brings with it the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together. Thank you for your continued dedication to our field and please feel free to provide feedback.

The IOMP has announced a call for submissions for the poster design of the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) 2024. This year, we are celebrating under the inspiring theme: “Inspiring the next generation of Medical Physicists.” This is a wonderful opportunity for our creative members to contribute visually to this significant event and to show their artistic talents alongside their scientific expertise.

We are looking for a poster that not only captures the essence of this theme but also communicates the importance of the medical physics profession to a broad audience, including young students and early career professionals who might be considering our dynamic field. The design should be eye-catching, informative, and inspiring, encouraging the new generation to explore and contribute to the advancements in medical physics.

Submissions will be reviewed by the IOMP Executive Committee, and the winning design will be selected based on its creativity, relevance to the theme, and overall impact. The chosen poster will be utilized in promotions across various platforms, gaining international exposure. Additionally, the winner will be officially announced and acknowledged for his/her creative contribution to the IDMP 2024.

All colleagues are invited to submit their designs for this prestigious opportunity. Let your creativity shine and help inspire the next generation of medical physicists! Join us in making IDMP 2024 a success with your unique artistic vision. For more information please click at

The IOMP announces the invitation to bid for hosting the 28th International Conference on Medical Physics (ICMP) in 2026-2027. This prestigious event offers a unique platform for knowledge exchange, professional development, and collaboration among medical physicists worldwide. Positioned midway between the World Congresses on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, ICMPs provide a setting for sharing the latest research findings, innovative technologies, and educational methodologies. IOMP encourages all interested parties to consider the possibility of hosting this influential event, playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of medical physics globally. For more information, please click at

IOMP has endorsed two hybrid activities on Radioresistance in Chile to celebrate the successful cooperation between the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)/ Germany and the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (UC) as well as the Clínica Alemana de Santiago de Chile (CAS). The first event is the hybrid workshop on “Radioresistance from an experimental/preclinical point of view” on 23 April 2024. Please find further information at: . The second event is the hybrid symposium entitled “Radioresistance?” on 25 April 2024. Registration and further information are available at the following address: Both events are free of charge.