IOMP President’s Message

John Damilakis, PhD
President, IOMP


Dear Colleagues,

The IDMP2024 theme is ‘Inspiring the next generations of Medical Physicists’. To inspire the next generation of medical physicists, it is essential to address both the intellectual and practical aspects of the profession. During this year, I’m encouraging you to develop strategies to attract young physicists to become medical physicists. We can encourage undergraduate and graduate students to participate in medical physics research projects. Exposure to cutting-edge research can inspire students to pursue careers in our field and contribute to its advancement. We can also establish mentorship programs that connect aspiring medical physicists with experienced professionals. Networking events, seminars, and workshops can provide valuable insights into the field of medical physics. I’m confident that, this year again, all NMOs will organize activities aligned with the IDMP theme. Inspiring the next generation of medical physicists requires a multifaceted approach that addresses educational, professional, and societal aspects. By highlighting the significance of our field, addressing its challenges, and seizing opportunities for innovation and collaboration, we can attract and prepare enthusiastic and skilled individuals. These future medical physicists will not only advance the field but also play a crucial role in enhancing patient care and outcomes through the application of physics in medicine. Engaging young minds today is essential for the medical physics innovations of tomorrow.

As you know, IOMP celebrates every year the International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) and organizes online webinars during the Week. IMPW is a global event that celebrates the work of medical physicists and highlights the importance of medical physics in improving patient care. This year IOMP decided to celebrate the IMPW from April 22 to April 26 by inviting IOMP’s regional organizations to organize webinars during the Week. Each webinar will be approximately 45 minutes in length, followed by 15 minutes for discussion. More information will be announced on our website soon.

Medical Physics International (MPI) traditionally publishes the ‘book of abstracts’ of congresses as an annex of a standard issue.  We have recently decided to have a designated ‘MPI Proceedings series’ for the publication of abstracts. This would make it easier for individuals searching for specific event information to find what they are looking for. I take this opportunity to remind you that the goal of the MPI is to publish manuscripts that will enhance medical physics education and professional development on a global basis. There is a special emphasis on general review articles, reports on specific educational methods, programs, and resources.

Why Publish With Us?

  • Global Reach: Your work will be accessible to a wide, international audience, fostering global collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Professional Development: Contributing to MPI not only aids in the advancement of the field of Medical Physics but also positions you as an expert, enhancing your professional growth.
  • Educational Impact: By sharing your insights, research, and resources, you play a direct role in shaping the future of medical physics education and practice.
  • MPI is a freely accessible journal that does not charge publication fees. 

Manuscripts should adhere to MPI’s submission guidelines, which are designed to ensure the highest quality of published content. For detailed instructions on how to prepare and submit your manuscript, please visit