IOMP President's Message

Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

IOMP webinars for 2021 (also in Spanish), dates for IMPW2021, MoU with JMP(AMPI), MP Involvement in Covid-19 Pandemic, IDMP2020, Free downloadable publications

The interest in IOMP webinars has been very encouraging and we seek your suggestions for 2021 webinars. In view of several requests received, we are happy to inform that we will start webinars in Spanish language in 2021. Again, your suggestions are invited using the same link. For the remaining part of 2020, the webinar topics include: Certification and accreditation in medical physics, biomarkers from imaging to outcome prediction, shielding design of proton therapy facility, effective dose, patient dose from imaging procedures in radiation therapy and some others to be finalized. Our plan is 2 webinars each month, typically in first and third week of the month.

The dates for the next International Medical Physics week (IMPW2021) have been decided and these are 26-30 April 2021. Please visit the IMPW2021 webpage  and you are encouraged to use different mechanisms indicated on IMPW webpage to celebrate IMPW. More details will soon be added on IMPW webpage.

In this issue of the Newsletter, we have information about Journal of Medical Physics (JMP) of the Association of Medical Physicists of India becoming one of the official journals of IOMP.

We also wish to collate information about involvement of medical physicists in different parts of the world in dealing with COVID-19. Please share pictures/videos that can provide motivational for others.

We will like to remind you about International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) 2020 on 7th November. We encourage you to celebrate the same.

WHO has promptly produced a document on use of chest imaging in COVID-19 and AAPM has released a report on principles and application of multi-energy CT, both of which are provided for free download.