Medical Physics Teaching to Medical Students

IOMP and Hamad Medical Corporation Qatar to organize training for students at Weill Cornell Medical College, Doha Qatar

There may be a common feeling that any time spent in studying physics may go waste if the person is going to be a doctor. Is this true? It depends upon if one is talking about physics or medical physics. Certainly not true for medical physics. The name itself says that medical physics is a medical specialty. Medical physicists work in hospitals and in clinical environment. As a medical professional, you may come across medical physicists in everyday work for every single patient you deal with if you become a radiation oncologist. If you are a cardiologist, heart rhythm specialist, vascular surgeon, you will need advice of a medical physicist for your and your patient’s safety. The list of specialties where you need help of a medical physicist is fairly large. It is desirable that medical students get acquainted with medical physics.

The first such training session will be held in Doha on 22-23 Feb 2020.

The session will address pre-medical students on “Should I become a clinical doctor or a clinical medical physicist?”

For medical students the first session will inform students on “What referring physician can do to reduce radiation risks to patients” besides making them aware about vast potential of radiological applications in which medical physics contributes in proper application of ionizing and non-ionizing radiations.

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