IOMP Educational Videos-on-demand - Jun-2022 to Jan-2023







21 Jun 22

Eva Bezak

Eva Bezak

Rebecca D’Alonzo

Fractionated radiotherapy and its synergistic relationship with immunotherapy

14 Sep 22

John Damilakis

Eva Bezak

John Damilakis
Van Deventer
Tahera Emilie
Erik Briers

IOMP – WHO Joint Webinar on World Patient Safety Day 2022

19 Oct 22

Magdalena Stoeva

Francis Hasford

Ernesto Iadanza
Magdalena Stoeva

IOMP-IFMBE Webinar on Clinical Engineering Day 2022: Management and maintenance of medical technologies

07 Nov 22

Ibrahim Duhaini

John Damilakis Ibrahim Duhaini

Paddy Gilligan
Chai Hong Yeong
Patricia Mora
Arun Chougule
Meshari AlNuaimi
Christoph Trauernicht
J. Daniel Bourland
Boyd McCurdy

IOMP Webinar on International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) 2022: Medical Physics for Sustainable Healthcare

06 Dec 22

Tomas Kron

Tomas Kron

John Damilakis
Adel Mustafa
Colin Orton
Raymond Wu
Ibrahim Duhaini

Growing Professional Recognition for Medical Physicists: Raymond Wu and IMPCB

15 Dec 22

Eva Bezak

M. Mahesh

Nolan Esplen
Andrea Abril

Radiation Biology updates: from low doses to ultra-high doserates

23 Jan 23

John Damilakis

John Damilakis

Christoph Trauernicht

Safety blinded or safety minded – don’t learn safety by accident