IMPW 2023 Reports

Magdalena Stoeva, PhD
Secretary General, IOMP

IMPW 2023 webinars statistics and recordings

Dear Colleagues,

The third edition of the International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) gathered medical physicists from all over the world for a week of webinars organized by the IOMP.

It is difficult to look beyond pure statistics and describe IMPW in a few words. Therefore, allow me to present my point of view for this dynamic week:

  • focused on organizational, educational, scientific and clinical aspects of medical physics;
  • presents classical subjects like radiation protection in parallel to the latest trends in radiotherapy physics;
  • an excellent example of contribution between the IOMP and its partner organizations;
  • collaboration between the generations – emeritus globally recognized medical physicists and young strongly motivated professionals;
  • open for everyone to share ideas, ask questions, or just socialize with friends and colleagues from all over the world;
  • with direct contribution to the individual professional development of medical physicists worldwide.

And finally let me get to the statistics. An actual global event which in terms of numbers can only be compared to a world congress – 5740 participants (non-unique) from 124 countries.

The table below presents the IMPW stats and extended information on a daily basis.

IMPW Day 1 24/4/2023
Organizer Prof. John Damilakis
Moderator Prof. John Damilakis
Speaker(s) Kimberly Applegate
Topic Radiation Protection When Imaging Pregnant Patients: An ICRP Perspective
Attendees 1659
IMPW Day 2 25/4/2023
Organizer Prof. Eva Bezak
Moderator Prof. Eva Bezak
Speaker(s) Brian Gonzales
Topic Micro-X CNT emitters, x-ray tubes, and unique Imaging applications
Attendees 1075
IMPW Day 3 26/4/2023
Organizer Prof. John Damilakis
Moderator Prof. John Damilakis
Speaker(s) Prof. Madan Rehani
Topic Cumulative Dose: What, Why, When, How, and How Much?
Attendees 1266
IMPW Day 4 27/4/2023
Organizer Prof. Eva Bezak & Prof. Simone Kodlulovich Renha
Moderator Prof. Simone Kodlulovich Renha
Speaker(s) Prof. Colin Orton
Topic Leadership in Medical Physics
Attendees 945
IMPW Day 5 28/4/2023
Organizer Prof. Eva Bezak
Moderator Prof. M. Mahesh
Speaker(s) Tracy Underwood
Topic Upright Radiotherapy: Challenges and Opportunities
Attendees 795