IDMP 2018


Medical Physics for Patient Benefit

Message from IDMP Coordinator

Dear Colleagues,

Medical Physics is not only a profession to work in a hospital or to teach at a university, it is also a way of seeing and experiencing life. “We do not teach you how to use radiation in diagnosis or treatment of cancer only, but we also teach you to be the problem solvers in anything you encounter in your life”; Professor Colin Orton, IOMP Past President. And this is what medical physics really is about.
I wish all my colleagues around the World a Happy Medical Physics Day and I can really say Physics Equals Life. Enjoy the celebration of this day by giving life to our prestigious patients since our theme for this year is: Medical Physics for Patient Benefit.

Ibrahim Duhaini

IOMP Treasurer

IDMP Coordinator

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IDMP 2018

IDMP 2018

IDMP 2018