IDMP 2023 Report

Ibrahim Duhaini, PhD
IDMP Coordinator

I am thrilled to share with you the celebrations across the Globe for the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) in 2023: “60th Anniversary: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” This theme holds profound significance as we celebrated a remarkable milestone in the evolution of Medical Physics over the past six decades.

60th Anniversary:
Today, as we observe the 60th Anniversary of IDMP, we reflect on the immense progress and contributions that the field of Medical Physics has made to healthcare worldwide. For six decades, medical physicists have been at the forefront, shaping advancements in diagnosis, treatment, and technological innovation. This milestone is a testament to our collective dedication to improving patient care through the application of physics principles in medicine.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants:
The theme underscores the collaborative nature of our field and recognizes that our current achievements are rooted in the knowledge and work of those who came before us—the giants in the history of Medical Physics. We stand on their metaphorical “shoulders,” benefiting from the invaluable contributions of pioneers and experts who have laid the foundation for our progress.
Celebrating IDMP 2023:
Many celebrations were held worldwide, bringing together medical physicists, healthcare professionals, and enthusiasts. These celebrations included:

1. Global Webinars and Workshops:
• Engaging discussions and educational sessions to delve into the history, challenges, and future prospects of Medical Physics. The major Webinar was organized on November 7, 2023 by IOMP titled: The 60th Anniversary of IOMP – Personal Memories and Some Thoughts on the Future of Medical Physics The webinar recording has been posted online at IOMP website and Youtube channel.

2. Recognition of Achievements:
• Acknowledgment of the outstanding contributions made by individuals and institutions in advancing Medical Physics.

3. Social Media Campaigns:
• Utilizing the power of social media to spread awareness about the vital role of Medical Physics and encouraging conversations among professionals and the wider community. This involves videos recorded by prominent medical physicists to spread the awareness of our profession.

4. Conferences and Symposia:
• International forums for sharing research findings, innovative practices, and the latest developments in the field.

5. Hospital Open Houses:
• Virtual or in-person events allowing the public to explore the technologies and facilities where medical physicists work, fostering a deeper understanding of our profession.

7. Announcing the IDMP 2023 Awardees: Congratulations

Reflection and Gratitude:
As we celebrated IDMP 2023, let us take a moment to reflect on the journey of Medical Physics, express gratitude to the pioneers, and recognize the collaborative spirit that propels our field forward. I extend my warm wishes to all my esteemed colleagues around the world for a Happy Medical Physics Day. May this celebration inspire us to continue our dedicated efforts in advancing healthcare through the principles of Medical Physics.