1. Slavik Tabakov, UK – Chair
  2. Azam Niroomand-Rad, USA
  3. Geoffrey Ibbott, USA
  4. KY Cheung, Hong Kong
  5. Perry Sprawls, USA
  6. John Damilakis, Greece (Ex-Officio)
  7. Eva Bezak, Australia (Ex-Officio)
  8. Francis Hasford, Ghana (Ex-Officio)
  1. Slavik Tabakov – Chair
  2. KY Cheung
  3. Colin Orton
  4. Madan Rehani (Ex-Officio)
  5. John Damilakis (Ex-Officio)
  6. Paolo Russo (Ex-Officio)
  1. KY Cheung – Chair
  2. Colin Orton
  3. Peter Smith


  • To recognize the IOMP members who have made major contribution(s) to the IOMP.
  • To acknowledge the contributions of EXCOM (P, VP, PP, S-G, Treasurer).
  • To acknowledge the contributions of Committee Chairs.
  • To acknowledge the contributions of Editors of MPW.
  • To acknowledge the contributions of Curator, International Library Program.
  • To digitally archive photographs from the past and present WCs, ICMPs, ISEPs, Workshops, Endorsed or Sponsored Courses, etc.
  • To interview prominent current and past members.
  • To digitally archive interviews.

The above TORs have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in May 2022.