COVID-19 Information Resources

Dear colleagues,

We all have been affected by the novel COVID-19 in professional and personal life. There are more things unknown than known about this virus. As a result, all sorts of news is circulating around. Our job, as responsible scientifically oriented health professionals, is to help in directing people to authoritative and credible resources of information so as to avoid people getting affected by unsubstantiated information. This is the time to arise our ingenuity and develop solutions in our local settings. There are people who are developing algorithms and simulations to predict the pattern and how actions like social distances can help. Radiologists are active in showing that a computed tomography (CT) scan can detect the infection much sooner than any other test can, even in asymptomatic patients. We should join our colleagues in better understanding of the dynamics and developing solutions.

Protecting the health and safety of fraternity is paramount.

I wish everyone well,

Please see below resources for updated information.

Wishing you, once again, safe passage through this critical time and in making others safer.

Madan Rehani, PhD

President, IOMP (2018-2021)

16 March 2020

IOMP encourages its members to see the following resources for up-to-date information:

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