CME credits for IOMP webinars and educational events

Madan Rehani (President) and John Damilakis (Vice-President), IOMP

CME credits framework for IOMP webinars

IOMP has been providing CME credits for educational events organized by various institutions and organizations and has a system in place.   An independent Task Group (TG) was set up recently to award CME credits for webinars and other educational events organized by the IOMP. . The TG has following initial members:

  1. Natalka Suchowerska, Australia (Chair):
  2. Jing Cai, Hong Kong (Secretary)
  3. Kay-Uwe Kasch, Germany: Kay-Uwe Kasch, Germany:
  4. Kiki Theodorou, Greece
  5. Jacqueline Gallet (CAMPEP), USA

The TG will prepare a framework for awarding credits for events organized by IOMP and implement the system by receiving requests from IOMP and awarding credits which IOMP can then use for participants.