Celebrating IMPW on 11-15 May 2020


7th March 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As you are aware, IOMP decided to launch International Medical Physics Week (IMPW) celebration following the success of International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP). Both events combined are likely to provide great impetus to development and promotion of medical physics in large part of the world.

The very first IMPW is going to be celebrated on 11-15 May 2020. Please visit webpage of IMPW to get a glimpse of possible ideas for you to celebrate IMPW. However, you can use flexibility and use your creativity to develop ideas that help you in your country or city. Further, it is not necessary that you may have activities all days in the week. That is how the concept of week becomes helpful.

I provide herewith a link to help us know if you are planning to celebrate IMPW and how.


I shall greatly appreciate hearing from you using the link above.

Thanking you immensely for your initiatives and contributions.
Happy IMPW,

Yours sincerely,

Madan M. Rehani
President, IOMP