1. Kwan Hoong Ng, Malaysia – Chair
  2. Meshari Al-Nuaimi, Kuwait
  3. Barbara Chanda M’ule, Zambia
  4. Jose Luis Rodriguez Perez, Chile
  5. Roger Price, Australia
  6. Cynthia McCollough, Minnesota
  7. Jeannie Wong, Malaysia
  8. Erato Stylianou Makridou, Cyprus
  9. Beckham Wayne, Canada
  1. Simone Kodlulovich Renha, Brazil – Chair
  2. Cyril Schandorf, Ghana
  3. Pedro Ortiz, Austria
  4. Patricia Mora, Costa Rica
  5. Leif Schröder, Germany
  6. Keiichi Akahane, Japan
  7. Huda M.Al-Naemi, Qatar
  8. Melissa Carol Martin, USA
  9. Tomas Kron, Australia
  10. Prof Klaus Bacher, Belgium (effective Feb 2020)
  11. Prof Roger Price, Australia (effective Feb 2020)
  12. Professor Moulay Ali Nassiri, Canada (effective Feb 2020)
  13. Steve Balter, USA (2018-Feb 2020)
  14. Eliseo Vaño, Spain (2018-Feb 2020)
  15. Jim Thurston, UK (2018-Feb 2020)
  16. Madan Rehani, USA (Ex-Officio)
  17. John Damilakis (Ex-Officio)
  1. Simone Kodlulovich, Chair
  2. Tomas Kron
  3. Ibrahim Duhaini
  4. Daniel Venencia
  5. Lidia Vasconcellos de Sá
  6. Jim Thurston
  7. Mahadevappa Mahesh
  8. Taofeeq IGE
  9. Nadia Khelassi Toutaoui
  10. Eduard Gershkevitsh
  11. Slavik Tabakov
  12. KY Cheung

   Terms of Reference:

    1. To administer the awards and honors program of the Organization. This includes solicitation of nominees and the ultimate selection of the candidate of choice for each award, and recommendation to the EXCOM for approval.

    2. For each IOMP award, the AHC will contact all national member organizations and Regional Chapter to request nominations.To be responsible for making appropriate arrangements for presentation of IOMP awards at the World Congress.

    3. To be responsible for making recommendations to the IOMP Council for the establishment of new awards. Documentation to be supplied to Council shall include suggestions for the name of the award and guidelines for selection, frequency and the type of award.

    4. To be responsible for participation on behalf of IOMP in the IUPESM Awards Committee and will nominate to the IOMP Executive Committee participants from its members to fill the required positions on the IUPESM Awards Committee.


    The above have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in September 2009.