Actions beyond the call of duty

Madan Rehani, PhD
President, IOMP

IOMP invites your contributions

IOMP invites you to submit your contributions on the theme of “beyond the call of duty”. This idiom implies more than one is required or expected to do. A single word “supererogation” has also been suggested for this but that extends to moral issues. Typical examples are heroic acts, which involve great sacrifice and risk for the agent and a great benefit to the recipient. However, more ordinary acts of charity, beneficence, and generosity are also supererogatory. Duty is something that is wrong if it is not done. Other ways to describe are: good but not morally required to be done, another course of action, involving less, would still be an acceptable action

How to submit?

Please use the link>>> to submit details of your actions. Please be aware that the action should remain connected with the use of professional expertise.

Process and result: There is no deadline and submissions can be a continuous process. All submitted actions shall be reviewed and if they qualify they will be awarded a certificate by IOMP and announced on IOMP website.