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International Day of Medical Physics

An Initiative of the International Organization of Medical Physics

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November 7th,2016



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November 7, 2016: Let’s celebrate the 4th International Day of Medical Physics!



  Presidential Address



Dear Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to the annual celebration of the International Day of Medical Physics, I am Slavik Tabakov, President of IOMP – the International Organization for Medical Physics.

This year the IOMP President address for the International Day of Medical Physics is from ICTP - the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy. Here we are with staff and students of the regular ICTP College on Medical Physics.

The theme of our Medical Physics Day in 2016 is “Education in Medical Physics – the Key to Success” and there is no better place to celebrate our education than the ICTP College. In the past 30 years here were trained more than 1000 medical physicists from 80 low-and-middle-income countries. The majority of the medical physics courses in these countries have been established by past students of this ICTP College.

Around me are the other Co-Directors of the ICTP College and lecturers in the College 2016, including the Founders of the College Prof. Luciano Bertocchi and Dr Anna Benini; my fellow Co-Directors Prof. Perry Sprawls and Prof. Franco Milano; the representatives from the Trieste Training Hospital Dr Mario De Denaro and Dr Paola Bregant; the Directors of the new ICTP Master course in Medical Physics Prof. Renato Padovani and Prof. Renata Longo; our administrator Mrs Suzie Radosic, ICTP associates and students from 44 countries.

Education and Training builds the foundation of the profession. This is the field where I have spent most of my professional life, leading the projects EMERALD, ERM, EMIT, EMITEL. These projects, together with the Sprawls web site and the IAEA RPOP web site, pioneered e-learning in medical physics. ICTP and the colleagues around me were active partners in these projects, which were introduced in practice here in the ICTP College. Such educational activities were one of the main supports for the double growth of our profession in the past 20 years. While IOMP had globally about 12,000 medical physicists in 1995, now it has about 24,000 medical physicists worldwide.

Taking active part in the education and training activities in your countries and institutions is of extreme importance for the profession and for healthcare in general, and also this is our best contribution to the young generation of medical physicists.

I would like to encourage all colleagues to take part in the celebration of the International Day of Medical Physics on 7 November and to engage the local media. I am looking forward to our collaboration for creating an exciting and inspiring professional day! And now we all in ICTP College would like to wish you a HAPPY INTERNATIONAL DAY OF MEDICAL PHYSICS!

Prof. Slavik Tabakov, PhD, Dr h.c., FIPEM, FHEA, FIOMP, President IOMP





Let’s do it!

Prof. John Damilakis

Chairman of the IDMP Task Group

6It is well documented that radiation awareness among medical staff is inadequate. Lack of knowledge in radiation protection and dosimetry may lead to unjustified X ray examinations, overdoses during CT and fluoroscopically-guided procedures, therapeutic abortions due to accidental exposures of pregnant patients and various other accidents and incidents in imaging and radiotherapy. What are the true social and economic costs of these events? Nobody knows. We might be able to estimate the direct cost of a nuclear accident. However, we are not able to do the same for medical accidents. Some events involving accidental or unintended medical exposures are not analyzed and some remain unrecorded. Furthermore, the visibility of accidents in imaging and radiotherapy remains low. A radiation accident in medicine is less obvious than in nuclear sector because harm in radiation medicine occurs only to one individual at a time.

An improved education and training in medical physics and radiation protection of physicians and other staff performing examinations involving ionizing radiation is the key to avoid incidents and accidents and keep the radiation as low as possible. Medical physicists should play the main role by providing high-quality education and by designing and implementing effective training of medical personnel. Important aspects should be taken into consideration: the body of participants has considerably expanded and diversified; the new participants, mainly radiologists and other physicians performing fluoroscopically-guided procedures call for new teaching methods; the educational needs in the poorest countries remain great; new approaches in medical physics and radiation protection education aligned with the needs of growing economies should be examined.

Medical Physicists play a fundamental role in the development and application of medical radiation technologies and ensure the quality and safety of imaging and treatment procedures. We have the knowledge and skills to change the landscape of education and training in medical physics and radiation protection. Let’s do it!






Please click here to download the 2016 IDMP poster


Find more videos from Collaborators here 




IOMP Awards 2016


The International Organization for Medical Physics is happy to announce the following recipients of IOMP Awards:


The inaugural award for the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP Award), established in 2015:

Mr Julio Pinuela, ALFIM 2015
Dr Sandra Guzman, ALFIM 2016
Prof. Tomas Kron, AFOMP, 2015
Prof. Arun Chougule, AFOMP 2016

Dr Ibrahim Duhaini, MEFOMP 2015

Dr. Abdalla N. Al-Haj, MEFOMP, 2016
Prof. Anchali Krisanachinda, SEAFOM, 2015
Prof. Kwan Ng, SEAFOM, 2016


The Inaugural IOMP John Mallard Award, established 2016:
Prof. Paul Marsden (IPEM, UK)


The IUPAP Young Scientist Award:
Dr Francis Hasford (GHANA Society for Medical Physics)


Elected Fellows of IOMP (FIOMP):
Prof. John Damilakis
Prof. Tomas Kron
Prof. Tae Suk Suh
Dr Virginia Tsapaki


Sincere Congratulations to all Awardees and best wishes to all colleagues for the International Day of Medical Physics, 7th November 2016


The IOMP Awards and Honours Committee
The IOMP Executive Committee