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International Day of Medical Physics

An Initiative of the International Organization of Medical Physics

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November 7th 2018

Medical Physics for Patient Benefit

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Message from the IOMP President, Dr. Kin Yin Cheung


7th November, which is the birth date of a great physicist Madam Marie Sklodowska-Curie, is designated by IOMP as the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP).

The objective is to raise the visibility and awareness of medical physicist in the global community.

The event started in 2013, when thousands of medical physicists in 23 countries around the world celebrated the first IDMP.

The main IDMP events were held in Poland, birthplace of Marie Curie, and France, workplace of Marie Curie. In Italy, the medical physics community celebrated the event in many cities across the whole country. Other countries who took part in last year’s activities included Argentina, Australia & New Zealand, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Greece, India, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Qatar, Thailand, and United Kingdom. The response from these countries was overwhelming.

I would like to thank our colleagues who took part and helped making the event a complete success. IDMP has a different theme of celebration every year.

The theme for this year is ‘Looking into the body- Advancement in Imaging through Medical Physics’. We aim to draw attention of the global community to the profound contributions that Medical Physics has made to imaging of human body- a crucial procedure in helping the prevention or management of illnesses in mankind.

As in last year, Professor John Damilakis of University of Crete in Greece, and Chairman of the IOMP Education & Training Committee, will lead a task group to help mobilizing and coordinating the activities in this year’s events.

I hope more organizations will be able to take part in the celebration. I look forward to your participation and working with you for a successful event.


Kin Yin Cheung, Ph.D. President IOMP