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Education & Training: Terms of Reference


  •  To improve medical physics worldwide by disseminating systemized knowledge through education and training of medical physicists especially in developing countries.
  •  To advance the practice of physics in medicine by fostering the education, training and professional development of medical physicists, and by promoting highest quality medical services for patients worldwide.
  • To promote internationally sponsored education and training programs sponsored or endorsed by IOMP, National Member Organizations and Regional Organizations.
  • To identify the need for international education and training activities, prioritizes and assesses the applications, and recommends to the IOMP EXCOM the method of support. The ETC can also assist with the organization of the event and suggest suitable changes in the curriculum and faculty of the activity.
  • To consider applications from national and regional organisations for sponsoring or endorsing meetings. Applications to be considered in accordance with the document ‘IOMP policy on Scientific, Educational and Professional Meetings’.
  • To consider requests for review, comment or endorsement of documents in accordance with the policy and procedure document ‘Documents Submitted to IOMP by External Organisations for Review, Comment or Endorsement’.
  • To work on evaluation and promotion of medical physics education and training programs and on any alternative mechanisms supporting international cooperation addressing the education/training needs of medical physicists.
  • To stimulate the foundation of regional centres for education and training in collaboration with IAEA, WHO and other agencies.
  • To compile and update listings of medical physics educational opportunities worldwide for posting on the IOMP web page.
  • To support and collaborate with the education and training committees of Regional Organizations on matters relating to education and training, including development of training materials and training methodology.

 The above have been extracted from the Bylaws of the IOMP approved by the Council in September 2009.