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 Chairs 2018 - 2021

Science Committee
Willam Hendee

Prof. Geoffrey Ibbott
MD Anderson Cancer Center, Huston, USA

Education and Training Committee
Prof. Arun Chougule
Head Department of Radiological Physics
SMS Medical College & Hospital, Jaipur, India
Professional Relations Committee
Dr. Yakov Pipman

Dr. Yakov Pipman
Chair of International Scientific Exchange Program at AAPM, USA
and Vice President of Medical Physics for World Benefit, USA and Canada

Publications Committee
Prof. Paolo Russo
Universita' di Napoli Federico II
Naples, Italy
Awards and Honours Committee
Simone Kudlulovic  

Dr. Simone Kudlulovic Renha
National Commission of Nuclear Energy, Brazil

Medical Physics World Board
Magdalena Stoeva
Dr. Magdalena Stoeva
Medical University, Plovdiv, Bulgaria